About Us

At MFM, we strive to offer selections of clean skin and body care solutions that make you feel ecstatic, blissful, and alive about your skin and your everyday life.


All of our offerings are formulated with the finest quality ingredients possible and are 100% made with diverse skin and body needs in mind. Every scent, every texture, and every all natural formula are meticulously designed with you and the environment in mind.

We strongly believe that the future of body health hinges at the intersection of environmental sustainability and bio-friendly practices. None of our products are tested on animals and they don't use chemicals or harmful minerals. Instead they are made with proven vegan and botanical ingredients. We stand by our belief that every offering we have is made with simplified and highly potent formulas. 

As such, we believe we are capable of delivering remarkable results to your body and skin, making you feel fantastic about yourself while preserving natural habitats and making Earth a beautiful place.


This summarizes our four tenets:

"Love. Joy. Bliss. Life."